Saturday, October 29, 2011

When do you have your coffee in a coffee house?

When do you actually find a coffee house, order your favorite cup of coffee, find a nice location and enjoy your coffee? If you are not the type of coffee lover who will actually take a 20 minutes drive to a specific coffee house just to have your favorite cup of coffee, under what circumstances will you do that?

One of the most popular circumstances which I always encounter is when driving my family to a shopping mall. The ladies will be doing their usual shopping activities and I’ll bring along my laptop headed to a coffee house. It is a situation where I can do my online work while waiting. And of cause sitting alone quietly and peacefully enjoying my favorite cup of coffee.

Sitting at a coffee shop in a shopping mall can be very enjoyable. As there are lots of people in shopping mall, you can expect to see lots of interesting clips. I suppose “people watching” is the phrase. That is why lots of people tend to hang out at the coffee shop. You can either be the performer or the viewer. You can also become both. One thing for sure, there will always be a lot of interesting people doing interesting activity. You will see people doing business, couples enjoying their romantic coffee, groups of friends chatting and bloggers like me surfing. Honestly, I think this is much more fun than going for a movie.

As a blogger, I have a lot of fun watching everything around the coffee shop. Best of all I get to compile the happening and blog about it. Although this might is just another regular normal day, but still you can find lots of interesting scene if you pay attention.

P/S: There is a lot of coffee in the world. The question is how do you find the best cup of coffee out from the ordinary.

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