Friday, December 23, 2011

Health Facts about Coffee from Yahoo Shine

As a coffee lover or a person that constantly consumes a lot of coffee, we need to make sure that coffee is not killing us softly. While there aren’t many facts and studies which suggest that coffee is bad for health, drinking too much coffee is still not advisable. Check out the blog post title “7 Surprising Health Facts About Coffee” from Yahoo Shine. It appears that coffee has lots of good stuff when it comes to health. Let’s discuss the 7 health facts explained in the article.

It may help ward off depression.

I do agree that coffee can really calm people down, but as for reducing depression, I’m not so sure about it. I suppose coffee can help temporally when people are consuming it. This is why sometimes when meeting, discussion or debate gets too tense, we call a coffee break.

It may help promote a healthy weight.

We have to make it a habit of drinking coffee right after a meal. This actually can be a bit difficult because some food does not mix well with coffee. If you are having pizza or Chinese dishes, soda or tea is the better choice of drinks.

It may boost fertility in men.

This is actually something new. I suppose there are no way we can confirm this except reading from studies conducted by university.

It can harbor bacteria.

I think it is time to clear our coffee maker or coffee machine properly.

It may reduce the risk of skin cancer.

“Women who drink more than three cups of coffee a day…” Three cups of coffee a day is a bit too much.

It’s not truly addictive.

It is not truly addictive but a mild stimulant. I have to admit I work better when my caffeine level is up. I also experience fatigue and irritability when my caffeine level is low. When I really need my work to be done fast and properly, coffee is a must.

It doesn’t necessary cause stomach pain

Take note that drinking coffee may worsen heartburn symptoms. If your stomach is having problem, it will be best to stop consuming coffee temporally. At least until your stomach has recover and free from any pain.

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