Friday, December 02, 2011

Make money sharing your ADSL Broadband WiFi

Fon is an interesting idea of sharing own WiFi at home while roam the world for FREE. Basically you just have to purchase their Fonera router and use it to share out partial of your WiFi at home. Once you have sign up to become part of Fon community, you will get FREE roaming at Fon Spots worldwide. This is good if you are always on the road and do not stay on a place for long. And of cause your work requires you to online always. The most interesting part about Fon is that users can make money by sharing out their broadband WiFi. Users make money when a paying user accesses WiFi at their Fon Spot. In order to make money, the Fon Spot has to locate in areas like café, hotel, university or any place with lots of people. Unfortunately this service is only available in Japan, Russia and UK. By the way, a PayPal account is required for payment. Minimum payout is $20.

The idea sounds great but I don’t suppose you can make a lot of money. I think we can only make enough money to pay for our broadband or ADSL service. There are just too many criteria that affect the earning potential which we cannot control.

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