Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Free Ebooks Magazine and Programming Books from BooksAIO

This is not the first time that I post about free ebook site. No doubt that there are lots of free material and free stuff online. The problem is where and how to find them. Some of the ebooks that you purchase online might just be free info scattered online. Some people take the time and effort to gather all of the info and compile it into a pdf file. Basically you’re just paying for the time and effort to gather the info. Next time do a search online before you purchase anything. You might be surprise with your finding. There are lots of treasures online. Just that it might takes some skill and knowledge to find them.

Here’s the site with lots of free magazines and programming books – BooksAIO. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

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kumowai said...

Mmm....interesting. Thanks for stopping by.