Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Turn your bath tub into a planetarium or deep sea ocean

What do you normally bring along when you’re taking a bath, a toy duck? Here‘s a product form Sega toys that you’ll love to have if you spend a lot of time in the bath tub - Homestar PRO - Home Planetarium. Check out the pictures and video clips below.

Like it? Here’s the best way that you can use this product. Homestar PRO - Home Planetarium, champagne and romantic music in bath tab. I’m sure you love one will enjoy spending time with you in the bath tab with that environment. Even if you’re still single and trying to get a special gift for a girl, I’m sure this will be a suitable one. Of cause you need to check if she takes bath or shower. For that I think you need to find a way to get that info. Asking her directly might not be a good idea.

Beside I think you can use Homestar PRO - Home Planetarium not just at the bath tub but any place as long as it’s a dark room. For sure you can easily create a romantic atmosphere with this small cub.

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