Saturday, January 31, 2009

A human search engine

Most of you probably know what a search engine is. Couple of the most famous search engine is Google and Yahoo. Basically what you do is just type a keyword that related to the topic and you’ll get a list of sites. That’s just the beginning of what you really want to find. You have to check out each and every site in order to find what you want. Take for example if you’re looking for a information that related to cars and how to repair, most likely you’ll spend a lot of time searching online and probably won’t find the exact material.

Here’s a service that you might be interested if you’re not good with search engine. You can just let others to search for the things or info for you. At WeSeekIt or human power search engine, you can just tell them exactly what you look for and they do the search online for you. That’s right. Instead of you do the search online yourself, you let others do the work. It’s a new search engine power by humans. Try it out.

P/S: I think this site is good for those that are not familiar with search engine. Sometime you might spend hours in front of the monitor and might not find what you want.

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