Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Free E Book form Taiwan University Library

At the beginning, we wrote on bricks, animal skin or tress. We also make it into books with pieces of bricks, bamboos or animal skins. As time goes by books are now made of papers and are beautifully created. Perhaps this is the most common material for books right now. Later on in the future we might not use any material for books at all. Yes, you don’t need any material at for writing an ebook. The first thing that you helped by doing that is prevent a tree from becoming papers and then to a book.

Reading from a solid book that made from papers and hard cover definitely feels better then reading from ebook. It feels like you own the reading material and you can just hold it in your arm. As for an ebook, you’ll feel a sense of emptiness even if you pay hundred over dollars for it. Anyway knowledge is knowledge no matter how you obtain it. For sure there will be lot more stories, thoughts and study material made into ebook rather than paper books. That’s the effects of more people using computers and internet. Plus it’s a way to reduce the cut down of trees.

As more and more books are converted into ebooks, we can find lots of them online now. Here’s a site that I found which provides free ebooks. It’s a site from National Taiwan University Library. As for now, there are currently 68858 of free ebooks available. As it’s from Taiwan, the site is written in Chinese language. That doesn’t mean all the ebooks are in Chinese language. It’s still a library that keeps lots of different books including English books too. So feel free to check it out. All you need to do is type in the keywords of the books that you desire and press the button on the right. The search column works the same even if in Chinese language.

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