Monday, June 08, 2009

Making Your Own Widget for Your blog with WOWZIO

WOWZIO has some widgets that you can customize and create for your blog. Best of all it’s free. No registration required and it can be done quickly. Almost all blog with JavaScript enabled can install Wowzio’s widget. As far as I know, only free accounts from are not allowed to install Wowzio’s widget.

There are several types of widget available that you can install to your blog. You have the option to choose gallery widget, panoramic slideshow widget, live activity widget, tag cloud widget and feed content widget. Depends on how your blog is, you might want to choose carefully which widget to use. Space is limited and valuable, so choose wisely.

Gallery widget and panoramic slideshow widget capture photos in your blog post and display the latest 50 photos you upload. All the photos display will link back to the corresponding post. This type of widget is best use when photos are one of the main attraction or discussion for your blog. Examples of blogs that suitable for using this widget are travel, food, celebrities and product reviews.

Live activity widget shows a list of your latest visitors. It shows visitors’ location and the post they are reading. This type of widget actually let your visitors know what’s hot in your blog. It’s a human nature of curiosity to check out why this post is view by others. So your viewers might just read more post after this widget is install.

As for the tag cloud widget and feed content widget, there’s nothing new about it as one is to create a tag cloud and another is to display the content of your blog. Good thing is that you get to use these features if your blog doesn’t have it.

Currently, I’m more interested in the gallery widget or panoramic slideshow widget. I’m planning to test it out on my other blog. Let’s just see how it goes.


Dr. Lauren said...

I love wowzio. I use them on every blog. said...

Kumo, wao, sounds goodie good.

Dr. Lauren, shall visit your blog soon.