Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The thing about working or studying late at night

Working late at night, especially between 12am to 3am early in the morning might not be what we plan of but sometimes it just can’t be avoided. This post is meant for those that have to work late at night. Honestly I’m the type of guy that works better during this period of time. I don’t know why but my mind works great and I can focus well without feeling sleepy. Instead if I have to drag myself wake up early in the morning and start work at 8am, my action will be taking over my mind. Even couple of black coffee won’t be able to keep my eyes open. Anyhow, some of us are night crawlers rather than the morning birds.

Let’s go back to working late at night. When it’s time for Cinderella to return home, most of the activities stop too. You can walk on the streets that use to fill with transportation, enjoying the cool fresh air without anybody around sharing it. Best of all you have the whole world as everybody is asleep. That means no disturbance or distraction from others. Instead you might find some company other than human. Problem is not all are good company. The no good company that you’ll get is the one that almost everybody hates, cockroaches. Yes, that’s right. If you ever stay up late at night, you’ll definitely see them. So it’s better to get yourself loaded with bug spray if you plan to work over night.

There are few things that I enjoy working late. First is sky, especially when the sky is clear. Either the moon will be around or the stars will take the spots. The quiet dark night just seems to be a big gigantic cinema and I’m the only one in it. The sky that fills with stars is the screen and sometimes the moon took the stage by itself. Either way it’s a visual sensation to me. During that time, instead of man made noise, we have tiny little sound that we might not be aware off. The little sound made by crickets. Although we might have some other sound for example frog but let’s just focus on the enjoyable sound. If I’m lucky I might find myself some good company too. Good company that try to light up the surrounding. Yes, fire flies. Perhaps they have what we call soft and gentle light.

Just like normal cinema, each enjoyable time last about 2~3 hours. No exceptional for the big gigantic cinema of mine. After 3am, the things around me might still be the same but the feeling might not be the same. That’s because we start feeling tired. When we feel tired, everything will turn out annoying and the only thing that we hope for is sleep. Besides the best of everything always come short, and I think that’s what makes it special.

5 comments: said...

You sound sentimental.

Beware of the unwanted visitor, the long hair white gown that flying around.

Happy blogging !

kumowai said...

Just expressing myself. By the way, there's nothing to afraid of if I've done nothing wrong. Besides, it might not be something that we should afraid of in the first place. Just that a lot of stories and movies that told us that we should be afraid. At the end I think we just afraid of something that we don't understand or don't know. said...

You confuse me.

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

I am one of those guys as well. It's actually 2am now - can't call it work. Just blog surfing before I go to sleep.

agnes said...

i used to be a night crawler as well but after taking into consideration of my health, i will have to stop, cos between 11.00pm to 2.00am is the time for our body to detox, if we still stay wide awake our body will not be able to carry out this function. if situation persist, our health will suffer as a result.