Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nciku Online English Chinese Dictionary with Great tools to learn Chinese Mandarin

Most of the online English Chinese dictionaries that you find online just give you the basic translation. Take for example Google Translate. It gives you variety of translation between lots of languages. It’s simple and fast but it doesn’t help much if you try to learn the language. If you’re trying to learn a language, perhaps you’ll have to search for a better website. Nciku is an online English Chinese dictionary that includes several online features that helps you to learn Chinese Mandarin. There are lots of sections created in this site just for the purpose of easy learning Chinese Mandarin, for example Chinese Conversation of the Day, Learn Chinese Characters and Learn Chinese from Pictures. Among those sections, I find that Learn Chinese Characters is the best part of all. It shows you exactly how the Chinese characters are written. The animation of the stroke order is perfect for those trying to learn how to write Chinese character. Each character written also comes along with pronunciation and definition. There is also a section that you can use your mouse to write the Chinese character in the given block section. Once you start writing, the dictionary will try to compare it and list out the character that you’re trying to write. Click on the Chinese character and it will be transfer to the search box on the left. This is actually a great tool as it can also act as a tool for you insert a Chinese Character without typing it. You can just write it directly. If you’re trying to skype with your friends that use Chinese Character to chat, this can be very handy. It will be a lot faster if you’re not familiar with using keyboard to type Chinese characters.

Nciku can be considered a good site to learn Chinese mandarin as it uses every available resources. You can write, listen to the pronunciation and watch videos and pictures to give you a better understanding and easy learning. I’m sure this site is good for anybody that trying to learn Chinese Mandarin. Especially for kids, learning a language online should be very interesting. Parents can use it as a tool to learn the language together with their kids.


Kirhat said...

I have been yearning to learn more about this language and I'm glad I ran into your post.


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Dragonblogger said...

The animations are really cool showing exactly how the symbols are drawn.

kumowai said...

The best thing about this site is that it helps learning Chinese character fun and easy.