Saturday, October 31, 2009

Coffee at Starbucks or Coffee at MacDonald

There are basically 2 choices that I’ll consider when it comes to having a cup of coffee. It’s either Starbucks or MacDonald. One is an expensive but comfortable to enjoy, the other is reasonable price but taste absolutely good. Here’s my evaluation of having coffee at both coffee shop and coffee restaurant. My evaluation refers to the lowest price black regular coffee.

Let’s start with having coffee at Starbucks. My first impression of having coffee at Starbucks is expensive, comfortable and lots of choices. I think Starbucks considered as one of the most expensive coffee around the world. Starbucks branches in any countries mostly selling coffee at a price of at least double or triple of the local coffee price. Probably half of the money we paid is not just for the coffee but also the environment and the music. I’ll say Starbucks really does have a unique way of creating comfortable environment. I personally like the comfortable sofa very much. With the help of the coffee smells and relaxing music, it just makes it a nice place to take a nap. Well, just make sure that somebody looks after your stuff if you really do want to take a nap. If you’re the person that always brings along laptop to coffee shop, perhaps Starbucks might just be the right place for you. As far as I know Starbucks install at least a power socket at every table for the convenience of laptop users. I did experience at one of the Starbucks branches where the power sockets are not enough for their customers. Guess what, the stuff took out extra power socket extension and make sure all their customers have all their laptops power up. Now that’s what I call service.

Now let’s take a look at MacDonald coffee. The first impression of having MacDonald coffee is cheap but taste much better then Starbucks coffee. In addition you get free refills. There’s nothing better than able to have a nice cup of coffee as much as you want with the price of one. The only time that I’ll go for MacDonald coffee is breakfast time. They did serve coffee all the time, just that breakfast meals goes well with the coffee. In my opinion burgers and fries matches soda better than coffee. I really do enjoy having breakfast at MacDonald with a nice cup of coffee. There are also free morning papers and WIFI available. The problem with laptop users is that there aren’t many power sockets available at MacDonald. Most MacDonald branches I found only have one or two power sockets and everybody are fighting for it. As some MacDonald branches open 24 hours, you can bring your laptop and spend the night. Just order a cup of coffee and you can refill it all night long.

P/S: Just how much difference a cup of regular black coffee between Starbucks and MacDonald? In my country it’s about 3:10. How is it in your country?

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Vera said...

I haven't tried the coffee at McCafe, but I don't really like the coffee that comes with the McDonald's value breakfast meals here.