Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Let you Firefox browser run smooth and fast by blocking flash

I was playing around with Facebook and discovered that at certain point my PC runs slow. This happens whenever an application runs flash player. I open up windows task manager and finds that Mozilla Firefox used up 100% of the CPU capacity. This is cause by the flash player that uses up all the CPU capacity.

How do we fix that? Sadly there isn’t anything that we can do about it. We just have to wait for the flash player developer to solve this problem. The only thing that we can do but are not so recommended is to upgrade our PC hardware performance. This method is not encouraging because the problem lies within the flash player itself.

If you want your Firefox browsers to run smooth and fast, the only option that you have is not to use the flash player. We can do that by blocking the flash player using Firefox add-ons. The name of the Firefox add-ons is Flashblock All you have to do is follow the link and click “Add to Firefox”. The application will then add on to your Firefox browsers. You will have to restart Firefox browser in order to activate the add-ons. Basically Flashblock blocks contents from Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Shockwave and Macromedia Authorware. Once you install the add-ons you’ll find that pages will be loading much faster than before. Monitor the changes using windows task manager and you’ll see the CPU usage is very much lower than before.

If you decided to view the flash content or use the flash player, just click on the placeholder. It’s a symbol that looks like below. Once you click on the flash content will run as usual. I suppose if you’re playing YoVille, Roller Coaster Kingdom, FarmVille, CafĂ© World or Pet Society at Facebook, you have no choice but to run the flash player. Your CPU capacity will definitely max 100%. The least you can do is try not to run any other application. That might help in reducing the lagging condition when playing the games. Seriously I doubt that will be much of a help.


Ryan Teribery said...

This is kind of off topic but still relevant... Have you tried using Google Chrome? I have been a fan of FireFox (and all of the plugins) for many years. The browser is really fast for daily surfing. If you still need your plugs Chrome does have some limited ones but you may still need FireFox for all your "techie" needs. Best of luck!

kumowai said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I know that Google launched Chrome but I still haven't try it out yet.

busstoped said...

I hate Flash and Feed Counters but you need to have Flash turned on Most of the Time.It's Hard to use another Browser because of all the Add ons in Firefox that you need as a blogger