Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Malaysia is World’s No.5 Friendliest Country

I have to say I’m a bit surprise to see that Malaysia turns out to be No.5 in World’s Friendliest Country. According to an article from Yahoo Travel – World’s Friendliest Countries, Bahrain rank first, second is Canada, third is Australia, forth is Thailand and Malaysia landed fifth. For more details of the information you may go to Forbes.com. Information that I found interesting is that Malaysia turn out to be No.1 for organizing school for children.

    Before you jump into conclusion about anything, the survey is conducted by HSBC Bank on 3100 expatriates. That means it’s the point of view from people that comes to stay in Malaysia. So if you stay in Malaysia and never did stay in foreign country before, you might not be able to understand the difference. The truth is we normally see the good side of staying at foreign county but not the difficult side. I suppose we get those misunderstanding mostly from TV and movies. Those are just Cinderella stories and the magic disappear after midnight.

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