Friday, January 08, 2010

Having a cup of coffee while writing my weekly report

I still remember the days that I was required to submit a so call weekly report on Friday. The so call weekly report needs to mention the things that I did this week and the things that I plan to do next week.  Well, it’s not just me but everybody in the company need to write the so call weekly report, except the MD as he’s the one started out this activity. This is how I spend my Friday writing the so call weekly report.

  1. First thing in the morning, open a new document using Microsoft Excels.
  2. Start staring at the monitor thinking back what I did throughout the whole week. As it’s just the beginning of Friday morning, the brain activities are running low in batteries.
  3. Having difficulty to start the brain engine. So decided to get a cup of coffee.
  4. Back with the cup of coffee. Continue staring at the monitor while having coffee.
  5. Starting to remember all the work done throughout the whole week.
  6. Start writing the list from No.1 and watching the list increases.
  7. Feels productive, busy, efficient, reliable and responsible
  8. Complete the list for things done this week. Lunch break.
  9. Back. Continue writing the list of things plan to do next week.
  10. Can’t concentrate as it’s Friday. Having another cup of coffee.
  11. Start planning and remember things that need to be done next week.
  12. Start writing the to-do list without stopping. The list increases in a rapid speed.
  13. Get overwhelmed, panic, having anxiety.
  14. Work on the list. Read and revise.
  15. Reduce the to-do list but increase the font size to make it looks “full”.
  16. Starts to feel shame, waste of time, non value added, tired, freak out.
  17. Give up writing and revising.
  18. Submit the weekly report because instructed but did not know why the report is needed.
  19. Time’s up. Prepare to go home.
  20. Spend so much time on the weekly report and run out of time to actually do anything.


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