Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The portable espresso machine mypressi TWIST

Honestly I think most espresso machines are expensive. Especially if you’re staying in Asia, these espresso machines can cost you a lot more than you can imagine. So the only way that we can get a nice cup of espresso is from a coffee shop. I suppose not many people will try to get themselves an espresso machine unless they really love espresso very much or are fairly rich. Here’s an interesting product that I found that might interest coffee lovers. This is a portable espresso maker call mypressi TWIST. It’s just like a spoon where you just need to put in coffee and add hot water on it. Just check out the site and there is a video clip that you can see it clearly how mypressi TWIST works. One thing I’m disappointed with the video is they didn’t show how the complete process from the beginning until the end. I actually want to see how mypressi TWIST is used. It’s meaningless to see how the espresso flows out. The portable idea might be good but practically it might not be so good. I think most of us can make such a portable espresso tools after watching this. There are 2 things that we need to think of when making an espresso. First is to find a tool to press the coffee. Second is to let small amount of hot water flows through. Think you can solve this and make yourself a cup of espresso?

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BlueRaine said...

amen about espresso machines being expensive! wish i have one :-)