Sunday, March 13, 2011

Yahoo is shutting down MyBlogLog

Yahoo is shutting down MyBlogLog and termination will be done on 24th May 2011. As an option, Yahoo has suggested that we move on to try out Yahoo Pulse. I have been using MyBlogLog for some time and I’ve tried Yahoo Pulse, but still I prefer MyBlogLog better.

The reason is simple. MyBlogLog provides the services I want but Yahoo Pulse do not. I have much control over MyBlogLog and the service is built for the benefits of users. I get to promote my blogs, gain traffic and built tags and backlinks to my blogs. Yahoo Pulse does not give much freedom to users to do such things. Yahoo Pulse wants users to interact and participate but does not gives anything in return for users. For Yahoo Pulse, Yahoo has much control over it. Users can only follow the path designed accordingly. At MyBlogLog it feels like Yahoo drops you in an island and you’re free to do almost anything.

P/S: I just hope that somebody out there will purchase MyBlogLog from Yahoo and keeps the service alive. I’m sure with some modification and changes, MyBlogLog and become big and profitable. There is absolutely no reason to just shut it down.

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