Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Did you feel the difference before and after having your coffee?

My personal experience is a boost to focus on my work after having my cup of coffee. Especially if you are feeling sleepy, tired and not in the mood to do anything, a cup of coffee can actually bring life and soul back to your body. Usually we won’t be able to see the changes or differences physically. Mostly it is the psychology effect. That means your speech, conversation, behavior and attitude will indicate a slight difference before and after having coffee. Especially if you are the kind of person which consume at least a cup of coffee every day, 2 days without coffee will make you a different person. In worst case scenario you might not know who you are after a week without coffee. You can say that coffee is a kind of drink which turns you into a super hero. Without coffee you will turn back into a regular ordinary person.

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