Saturday, March 19, 2016

The shape of the cup and coffee content

Have you ever think about the types of coffee that can order in a coffee shop? Just by changing the amount of coffee mixing with milk will gives you several types of coffee. Again I still can’t remember their names. The coffee cup which comes along with the order too is different. At some coffee shop they even serve different types of coffee using different types of coffee cup. Unless you are having it to go with the same paper cup, the coffee cup presented on your table will be different. This is actually kind of interesting with each unique way of presentation. The problem that waitress will be facing is the amount of coffee pour into the cup and the ratio might be difficult to determine. Perhaps they can solve this problem by preparing all the coffee using the same coffee cup container before pouring into the cup for customer. It is actually a bit troublesome and causing more work for the waitress, but it can be a way to attract customers. Customers who come for coffee everyday will be wondering what kind of coffee cup they will be getting today. Check out the infographic below for the coffee espresso chart. I am currently trying to remember and memorize the names of the coffee espresso. Perhaps I should just copy this chart into my phone for reference.

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