Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Bridge That I Cross Everyday - Penang Bridge

Another reason that I hang out here almost everyday is because of the traffic condition. Whenever there is a traffic jam and if you are caught right in the middle of it, then it will be at least 1 hour slow moving. Plus this jam happens right before crossing the bridge. Everybody is rushing to that 2-lane entrance. Everybody wants to go home quick and almost everybody get off work at the same time. Of cause there will be a lot of cars out there, and this is too much for the bridge to handle.

When you have a lot of cars on the road, then surely you will expect accident to happen more offend. When there is an accident, you will expect to see a long Q. That's not all of it. There are a lot of reason that will cause massive traffic jam to the bridge. When it's raining, jam. When there is a festival going on, jam. Friday night, jam. New year, jam. Christmas, jam. So check out our Jam Bridge.

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