Saturday, October 21, 2006

Spending Half of Her Time Here

This is Rose. She's been working here for about 5 month. She Likes to read and surfing internet. But what makes her getting a job here is because she likes to meet people, lots and lots of different people. She makes a lot of friends here and she is happy about it.

How many people really like their job? I believe most of us will not go back to our work place other then working time. We spend most of our time in our work place, almost half of our life there. In that case, then we should make it like our home so that there is a sense of belonging. If not how are we supposed to force ourselves being here.

Well, many of us dislike it during the first few days of our job. But then when we think of the pay that we needed, we then force ourselves to get through it. As day goes by, good things happen and started to feel "Not too bad at all". We started to get use to the condition and eventually fit in to the job or even started to like it.

We have a choice to choose what and where we want to work, but some of the times we just give up the rights to do it. We can control life or just let life take over up. As for Rose, she likes it here right from the beginning.

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