Monday, October 30, 2006

Grill Fish for My Dinner

This is my dinner for tonight. Grill fish with vegetables and fries. I can tell you that this is the best dishes that they serve here. Trust me, I’ve been having dinner here almost every weekday and tested almost all their dishes. Well of cause I’m not having the same dishes everyday even if it’s the best dishes they have here. But definitely I’ll order it once a week. So far I never seen any other coffee shop offered this grill fish. The most common menu they have is filet fish. I never did like filet fish because most of them have a very “fishy” smell. That goes the same to the famous franchise fast food restaurant “M”.

As you can see from the picture, it’s just 2 pieces of fish well grill until brown in color. The first thing you’ll smell is the smoke BBQ of the fish just like a BBQ chicken. But the best is that it taste tender and sweet without the strong smell of the fish. For filet fish you need mayonnaise to cover up the smell. Well that’s how I ate filet fish. For this you can just have it plain without any dressing.

So, what do I have for the rest of four days? Well, Toast & Egg serve curry mee, spaghetti, grill chicken and lots of simple toast. Some times I have all my dinner here 5 days straight when I’m lazy to go to other restaurant. When I really get bored with the food, then only I’ll go somewhere else for dinner. But for the coffee, definitely need to order a cup everyday.

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