Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Picture of Toast & Egg and Me

This will be me......any way, it just fits the nick name kumo. I'll put my details little by little as time goes by.

I use this picture because I like clouds. I actually draw it myself. Everyday when you look up to the sky, the first thing that you'll see is the clouds. It never appear the same at any time. It changes everytime you look up. It has a lot of shape and colour but white is the favorite. It just like a person's feelings, sometimes good, sometimes bad. When feeling good and happy, it is a blue sky with white clouds. When feeling dull and sad, it is a dark gray cloud going to rain. That is why I like it, sometimes I just look up to the sky and watch the clouds move slowly.

Next is the coffee shop that I come almost everyday after work. Nothing special about it, just that it is very close to the company I work. It's a clean shop with WIFI internet facility. In fact, it's because I'm able to access internet using my notebook that draws me here. Plus the coffee is good. They have a imported coffee name "illy" that taste good. I think the coffee is from Europe. I have become their customer for almost a year. It's a second work place for me to do my internet business.

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