Monday, August 27, 2007

Food that goes well with coffee

When you are having your favorite coffee, what type of food do you choose to go along with it? Let’s see what type of food that people have when they are enjoying their coffee…

1) Coffee + cookies

2) Coffee + chocolate

3) Coffee + cakes

4) Coffee + nuts

5) Coffee + bread

6) Coffee + biscuits

7) Coffee + donuts

8) Coffee + muffin

So which do you prefer most? For me, definitely is Youtiao (油条). It’s a deep fried golden brown strip of dough in Chinese cuisine. Normally have it in the morning. Here’s how we eat them. Dip it in the coffee, stir a little bit to let the coffee went right into it. Then put it in your mouth with lots of coffee in it. The mixture of Youtiao (油条) and coffee taste really good. Almost forgot, it has to go with black coffee. If you have a chance to go china or china town around your place, look for it and try it out.


Lucy said...

Wow, I never thought to eat youtiao with coffee! I love the stuff, so I might have to try it out some time...

kumowai said...

You should try it. It really taste good. Thanks for visiting my blog.


These are all good with coffee. Especially when you love coffee like me. lol. Good post. ;)

kumowai said...

Yes, they do. I'm also a coffee guy just like you. Cheers for the coffee.