Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Penang Net TV, brings Penang to your home PC...

"We are merely ordinary Penangites. We take this opportunity to create a television culture that is fluid, diverse, exciting and beautiful. We record and host videos of real people that appear over this website."

A new website of video advertising created by the Penang locals. Interesting indeed to promote Penang–Malaysia and a good way too. Instead of just saying or writing it out with beautiful explanation, watching it directly make things more clear and understandable. A video is worth a thousand words. Especially when it involves parties of different culture and religion. I think this just open up another market and business opportunities. This includes international business too. It might be new but it sure has a huge business potential. Even though it is still focus on Penang state but still people around the world have the chance to watch it. The world has a chance to watch closely the culture and lifestyle of Malaysia people. It started out from Penang and I hope that each state will end up having their video advertising too.

For those who interested to know more details please kindly contact:

Name: Mr. Kuek

Contact No: +6012-4256243

Email: kueklb@yahoo.co.uk

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