Friday, March 13, 2009

Cheat sheets for designing programs

When we are using software, programming or applications such as Microsoft Office, Linux, Windows, AutoCAD, we tend to work as fast as possible. Thus, using shortcuts or hot keys becomes more frequent. The problem is we might not be able to remember all of them unless we use them often. That is why we try to make a list of hot keys or shortcuts on a piece of paper and stick it beside our monitor. That way we don’t have to remember all of the keys. Here’s a site that I found that gather 14 most useful web design cheat sheets. The 14 cheat sheets include Photoshop, CSS, XHTML, JavaScript Frameworks and Flash.

With the help of the cheat sheets you can work faster. That’s actually good as it’s efficient that we’re talking about. There’s nothing better than finishing the work as soon as possible.

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