Monday, March 23, 2009

Simple things that save you hundreds of dollars

I saw an article from yahoo about 7 things you’re wasting money on and I’m thinking this might just be the right time to start saving money, energy and stop wasting. According to the article, there are 7 things that we are or normally wasting money on it. They are:

1) Buy bottled water
2) Extended warranties
3) Gym memberships
4) Overdraft fees
5) Organic produce
6) Auto insurance
7) Music downloads

If you review all the 7 items above, you might be able to save at least couple of hundred dollars each month. Imagine if you drink water from tap, give up the extended warranties for the electrical products, do exercise outdoor instead of in the gym, spend less then you earn, consume regular vegetables, drive less and listen to radio. How much will you save each month by just doing that? If you don’t know how to do the math, just try it out for couple of month and see it yourself.

Actually there are a lot more that you can save if you really think about it. During this time of period as worldwide economic is not so good, many of us are considered lucky to still have a job. Picking up the habit of not wasting can affect lots of things. It also helps in improving the economic. Imagine if you starts saving and not wasting, you’ll save yourself some money. When you carry out this habit to work, you’ll help save company some money. When the company that you work at carries out this habit, society will save some money. When the society carries out this habit, the county will save some money. When the country has more cash, chances of creating more jobs and work opportunities can be done. Now imagine that each of us around the world starts to pick up the habit of not wasting. I’m sure if that happens, we should be able to walk out of this economic crisis in just a few months.

Speaking of saving and not wasting, you can help by just turn off your lights. In support of earth hour 2009, all you need to do is turn of your lights on 28th March 2009 for 1 hour from 8:30pm till 9:30 pm. For earth, this is to tell world leaders to take action against global warming. For you, consider this as a small simple step to start saving and not wasting. Turning off your lights for 1 hour might not save you a lot of money but it’s a start. Imagine if you do the same thing to your heater, air conditioner and other energy consuming products, then you’ll see a big difference. This is a small step for you but it’s a big step for the earth. In fact it’s a big step for each of us to preserve the earth for our next generation.

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