Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shopping at ShopWiki

It took me some time to get familiar with ShopWiki but the way that the site presented is very interesting. The site doesn’t seem like an online shop. It looks more like a search engine for products. You get to search for a particular product, for example printers, computers, keyboards or laptops and you’ll be show a list of products with different prices and different online shop. This is actually good for customers as we are shown lots of option and able to make comparison before placing orders. While searching for the products that we wish to purchase, customers are also introduce to many new online shops. Beside the new online shops, there are also other things too. The best thing about using shopWiki is that we are able to learn and study the products that we want to purchase. Take for example if I need to buy a laptop, it’s not just the list of products I get. I’m also shown a brief buying guide, recommended products, top picks products, tips on how to get the best, pros and cons and many other info to help me get the right laptop. That means before I choose and place my orders, I was shown how to get the right and suitable product for me.
The site only has a simple layout. It does a good job in providing customers lot of option, suggestion and comparison. It makes it easier to search for what we want.

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