Thursday, March 11, 2010

Turn off your lights at 830pm Saturday 27 March 2010 for Earth Hour 2010

Earth hour started back in 2007 Sydney, Australia and this is the 4th time that we turn off the lights for the sake of earth. Is this a difficult thing to do? I don’t think so. Is this worth doing it? Yes, definitely. All we have to do is just stand up from the comfort of our sofa and walk to the switch and turn off the lights.

    The purpose of Earth Hour is to raise the awareness of climate change among people. Lately I’m sure everybody knows about the snow and the earth quake that strikes several countries around the world. You might say that these natural disasters won’t get to you as you’re staying in a country that free from snow and earth quake, but still there are certain things that you might notice. The changes are small but still we are able to notice the difference. For those that are staying in hot tropical area. Do you sense that it’s getting hotter every year? For those that are staying in cold winter area. Do you sense that it’s getting colder every year?

    For me I’m very sure that the weather is getting hotter. I used to be able walk under the sun without feeling much heat, but lately the sun is just burning my skin. The hot air that blows towards my body is just unbearable. For those particular hot days, all I can do is just stay in my house. Honestly I really do not enjoy it.

    I don’t know much about how to stop this climate change, but I can definitely spread the words about this. Hopefully those that knows what to do, that is if they really know what they are doing, can take action. I suppose this goes to everybody that lives in this planet.

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