Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Old Wooden House in the middle of a City

When you walk down the streets of a city, any city… Did you ever encounter an old wooden house that situated right between the buildings? Something like the picture above? Perhaps that is what we call a historical property. Sounds cool? Maybe so for tourists or people that walks by. It’s more like a discovery of an ancient treasure in the modern area.

    Still a house is still a house. The only thing that matters is the people who used to stay in it, especially an old house. Don’t be surprise that some of the old house used to be a place where famous people are born. Each house has a story to tell. A story related to people, the surrounding or should I say a witness or evidence of things that happen before. We used to hear people mention “I used to play around that house when I was young…” and some might even say “I built that house 30 years ago…”

    If you’re staying in an old house like that, there comes a time that you need to fix it or even abandon it because of safety purposes. The decision normally depends on how life turns out. If you have kids and they have grown up having their own job, they might not be staying in the same old house. They might have their own new house. The question is do the old parents continue to stay in the old house or do they move to stay with their children in the new house. In most cases, the old folks will move to stay with their children and sell the old house. No doubt new house is nice to stay and more comfortable with air conditioner and other new living features. Still I think most old folks are more comfortable staying in the old house where they spend half of their life there. Perhaps this is what we call the sense of belonging.


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