Thursday, June 17, 2010

South Africa 2010 World Cup Event Prediction

This month is going to be soccer fever all over the world. South Africa 2010 World Cup Event already started. There are about 64 matches available and the world is currently focusing on South Africa. The matches already started but still I think the excitement still not as much as I predicted. Not to mention the boring open ceremony and couple of boring matches, still I’m hoping to see some excitement later on. It is very clear to me that most potential World Cup teams are trying to preserve their energy and strength before entering the play off. That is why we can see some low performance matches at the beginning. I suppose that’s the strategy use for some teams to pursuit champion in this World Cup event. People often said the ball is round sphere and it can go any way without any hints. Anything can happen within a soccer match including an upset. I suppose that’s makes this event interesting and exciting. 

    I know that lots of people are betting each other just to make the game exciting. I’m not encouraging you all to bet on a game as it’s not a healthy activity, but still just don’t overdo it. Instead of putting money on bets, here’s a website that you can check out to increase your game excitement. FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup Prediction Manager enables users to place their prediction on the soccer game results. You just have to login and predict the results of each match to win points. The points you gain can then be use to win yourself an Xbox 360 Elite game console. By the way, it’s FREE to sign up. I think this is much better then placing your money on the matches.

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