Thursday, June 10, 2010

Free Installation Program and Online Application to convert PDF file to Word file

Lately, a lot of my friends keep on asking me if there is a way to convert pdf file format to Microsoft word format. I did a little research online and found out some free online tools that we can use and a program that we can use for free. I think most of you will be interested in this information so I decide to make a post about it. First are the free online tools that enable users to convert pdf file format to Microsoft word format for free.

Second is the free program that you’re able to install and make full use of it.

The program support encrypted pdf files conversion and does not require Mirosoft word and Adobe Acrobat. The program is worth about $30 but you can get the keycode for free by just becomes a Fan at Facebook. You’ll have to click on like to enable the free keycode download.

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