Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Check if your blog or website is working properly

Do you know if your blog or website is working properly? Your blog or website might be looking good and functioning properly from your monitor, but are you sure your blog or website can be seen properly from the other side of the world? Well, if you’re not sure or convinced, you should try using Is My Blog Working? There is lots of information that you can gather regarding your blog or website using this website. Some of the information that you’ll gather are web server IP, RSS availability, robot.txt, pages indexed by Google search engine, pages indexed by Bing search engine and some other technical information. By the way you can even find out the loading speed of your blog or website. Well, if you’re not sure what you’ll looking at. Just check if you have more green right tick then Red Cross or orange triangle. A properly function blog or website is supposed to have lots of green right tick.

    There is one interesting part that you should check out. When you try to run this tool with your blog or website, try checking it out with and without WWW. You might get a different result.

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