Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Having Coffee or Green Tea when Blogging

No doubt every morning having a cup of coffee is a must for me. That’s the first thing that I need to kick start my work. But a cup of coffee is not going to last long for a day. I’ll finish the cup of coffee within an hour or less. If I’m still feeling sleepy after my lunch break then I might consider having another cup of coffee. Still that’s only two cup of coffee for a day. If you’re looking for extra beverages other then coffee to company with your work, it will be best to choose green tea. That’s what I’m having right after my cup of favorite coffee. It really eases the taste after and before any meals. Best of all green tea has lots of stuff that are good for human body.

Check out this article that I found from Yahoo title – Nine reasons to drink green tea daily on shine. The nine reasons to drink green tea basically can be summarize as superb fat fighter, burn belly fat, stabilize energy, helps against lung cancer, halt colorectal cancer, causes prostate cancer cells to commit suicide, prevent skin damage and wrinkling, kill free radicals and taste good. Well, I’m not sure if the above mention true or not but there is couple of things that I’m sure about green tea. First of all green tea really helps in reducing my belly fat and control my weight. I was gaining weight when I started blogging full time. Right after I start having green tea daily my weight seems to be under control, especially the size of my belly fat as I can feel that my jeans are getting loose. Second it helps comfort my lung and throat. Due to the structure of my nose, I’m always experiencing running nose and caught issues. I have to say, a cup of green tea helps reduce the itchiness more effectively compare to the medicine sold in the drugs store. I have been consuming green tea daily for years and I still love it as I’m writing this post.

What will you answer when you’re asked “Coffee or Tea?” I probably will say “Coffee first and follow up with Green Tea.”

P/S: There are lots of different green tea brands on the market. If you’re looking for a good quality tasty green tea, be sure to spend little bit extra money to get those green tea that are produce and import from Japan. Just try it out and you won’t regret it.

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