Saturday, August 20, 2011

This is more about the coffee maker than the coffee

How do you make a nice cup of coffee? Is it the method, equipment, techniques, skills, materials, tools, ingredients, environment or just luck? One of the interesting parts that I found when pursuing for a nice cup of coffee is the equipment used by coffee makers. There is a lot of equipment when it comes to making a cup of coffee. We have seen lots of methods for making a nice cup of coffee. Now let’s check out some of the equipment used. The first equipment that I’m going to introduce is Belle Epoque coffee maker. Honestly, I don’t think many of us (coffee lovers) have the chance to encounter this equipment. This coffee maker looks more like a robot than a coffee machine. Especially the flying eagle status on top of the equipment, I just can’t keep my eye away from it while having my cup of coffee.

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