Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Understanding What is Coffee from Wiki

What is coffee actually? Honestly I never did ask myself this question before. The first time that I get to know about coffee is the time that I get a slip on it. It was not the kind of taste I expected at the beginning. In fact I actually hate the taste. I suppose I was too young at that time to understand coffee and not knowing how to enjoy it. Coke was my favorite that time. I was addicted to coke until I graduated from college. The first time that I really started to enjoy coffee was when I started to work. Plus I was influence by a lady who addicted to coffee. She taught me how to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and even bring me to one of the best coffee brewing shop in town. It was really an enjoyable moment and special experience for me. Thanks to her I too become a coffee addiction person. Coffee was then successfully replacing coke in my heart. That’s actually a good think because it’s much better to have coffee than coke.

After so many cups of coffee, I never actually get to know what coffee is until now. Right now I have the convenience to check what coffee is simply by checking online at Wikipedia. It has all the information that I need to know about coffee from etymology, biology, cultivation, history, culture, production, distribution, brewing, health and pharmacology. But still I think the best way to understand and get to know about coffee is to just taste it. The smell, taste and color of the coffee are the best part of learning about coffee. As there are so many different types of coffee in the world, it’s going to take some time to fully understand it. I’m still trying to learn what coffee is and I suppose it’s going to take me a very long time to fully understand it. I suppose the best way for me to learn is try to taste all the coffee that I can get my hands on.

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