Monday, March 28, 2016

Rinse the paper before brewing your coffee

Usually when I brew my cup of coffee in the morning, the procedure is always the same. Put the paper filter in the coffee maker, put the right amount of coffee into it and press the start button. It never crosses my mind to rinse the paper filter. Not until one of my friends told me that she smells paper in my coffee.  I never put any paper in the coffee and wonder how she gets the idea of paper smell. She told me that it might be due to the paper filter that I’m using. I never did taste or sense the difference until I did a test. I brew two cups of coffee using the same coffee beans, water and procedure. The only difference is using paper filter straight from the package and rinse the paper filter before adding the coffee. This way it actually tastes different. The best my sensor can tell is the odd extra smell from the coffee using paper filter directly. From that day onwards, I tend to rinse the paper filter with hot water first before making my coffee.


Miaka Yuuki said...

visiting your blog after a long time ^^ Happy to see you're still blogging :D I'm trying to make my blog alive again xD been a while. Genki datta?

Tamahome No Miko

App Developers London said...

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Anonymous said...

why stop write here nearly 1year?