Monday, May 21, 2007

How to Make a Good Cup of Coffee?

Having a good cup of coffee in the early morning before work is the most enjoyable thing. Having a good start in the morning just make the day great to work. The problem is how do we make ourselves a good cup of coffee? Living in a place where time is always not enough just make it difficult. That is why many of us rather go to a coffee house to get our coffee. Places like Starbucks or Coffee Bean always provide us a good taste of coffee. If you able to wake up 30 minutes early then you might be able to make yourselves a cup of coffee. Here’s a bit of tips on how to make a good simple cup of coffee.

  1. Make sure your coffee maker is clean. Well that’s the basic of all.
  2. Use fresh cold water from the tab. Let the water run for few sec before using it. Go through the filters before use.
  3. Grind the amount that you will be using. You can smell the coffee right after you grind it, especially a good quality expensive coffee bean. Try to compare it with the instant coffee package. It’s a lot more different taste.
  4. Best water temperature is just below boiling. What I’ll do is I mix cold water with the boiling water. 1/10 will be cold water and 9/10 will be boiling water. If you’re using a coffee maker then just skip this part.
  5. Measure the amount of coffee used and the volume of your cup. Normally it should be 2 tablespoon of coffee with six-ounce of cup.

I think that’s not too hard to do it. Just takes about 30 minutes to prepare all this. Try it out when you have the time and feel like it. It’s just a simple tips but it sure make a good cup of coffee.

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