Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What's Your Favorite Coffee Shop

There are so many coffee shops around now days, but the question is how many of them really earning money and which one of them is your favorite shop. Obviously Starbuck is one of the favorites among for many people. It is also one of my favorite shops. It’s true that Starbuck is famous and expensive but that’s not the reason that it’s in my list. It’s not the coffee, environment or the nice cute girl; it’s actually the service that they provided. We always talk about a good service about a shop or restaurant but how do we define it? Depending on the service the shop provided, customer will have a different experience. By the end of the day, it’s all about how the customer feels when he or she walks out the shop. In my opinion, there are basically 2 kinds of services. The first type of services is the most common services that most shop provided. You can experience this at Starbuck and most of the franchise coffee shops. It’ a feeling of being at home with a maid to provide you with anything you needed to sit back and read a book, having a good conversation and surfing internet. Yup, it’s a sensation feeling of comfortable to do the things you like. Another type of service is providing a unique feeling for the customer. For example, an owner of a coffee shop that loves flower very much will decorate his or her shop with flowers to share the joy of having flowers all around. All the coffee served will come together with a flower and the clothes of the waitress will have flowers on them. People that love flowers will be able to share the same interest and joy with the owner.

Well, that’s just an example. There are other different kinds of shops out there and I think there is a shop using toilet seats for his/her restaurant or shop. So, it’s not how much money you put into the coffee shop to be success, it’s rather how you put your heart and soul in to it. A good service is not what you can invest with money. Opening a coffee shop is very competitive; you’ll just need to know the right way to do it in order to be successful.

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Mommy Choo said...

Yes, coffee is my favourate.. but my heart can not take it... by inhaling the aroma is good enough ....