Saturday, May 19, 2007

Take The Time, Have Some Coffee...

When couple broke up, they tend to do strange things individually. Well, not strange but differently. Some will work from morning until night non-stop to make themselves as busy as possible. Some will jump in a pool of alcohol and keep on swimming without knowing the direction. Also, some will hangout with friends to travel or party trying hard to have fun and put a smile in their face. What ever they do, sooner or later they’ll have to pack up and move on. The question is how long does it takes. There is no harm in taking some time to stop thinking. Sometimes it’s better to stop thinking when you’re not fit or healthy enough to do that. (Mentally) When the time comes, you still have to pack up and move on. Then you can start thinking. So what in the world that I have to think about? Well, it’s just back to the starting point and the very basic question – “ What do I want?” When we broke up a relationship, don’t jump into another one the next day. Yes, some of you might be so handsome or pretty that you have lots of option and choices waiting for you pick them up. It doesn’t matter how many choices you have if you do not know what you really want. If you randomly pick one up just because you feel lonely, then you’ll just repeat the same mistake. Sometimes not choosing anything is the best answer at that time. Make the right choice when you know the answer, don’t choose simply because people need the answer. It’s your decision; it’s what you want.

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