Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cut down your fuel usage

The price of gasoline is increasing rapidly these couple of years. It’s still increasing at this moment as you’re reading this post. It is said that the price will go up until $200 US dollar per barrel. No doubt with the increase of oil price, many related products will increase their price too. The first direct effect will be transportation. That means taxi, bus, trains, ferries and planes will increase their fees. So what can us as a consumer can do to reduce the price? Well, just do the obvious one, cut down the fuel usage. Besides, it’s saving the environment too.

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iCalvyn said...

yeah, should not drive car if can drive bike, avoid traffic congested... faster go to take bike license

kumowai said...

Yeah, maybe can consider bicycle too.

Anonymous said...

Our petrol is cheaper than mineral water. so many ppl still don't care. wait till the petrol shoot up to RM4 per liter, then only they feel the pinch.