Saturday, May 03, 2008

Get an IT/Multimedia job in Malaysia

TechBeat is site where you can find jobs related to IT/Multimedia in Malaysia. The site is not as famous as but you still can find some jobs listed. The site is still new as it was launch last year. If you’re looking for a programmer or web designer for your company, you can post for job vacancies through the site. It’s a free service and no charges for that. That’s the only good thing that I can find on the site.

I think TechBeat has the potential to become one of Malaysia Top 100 site. At this moment the site is too empty and lots of work needs to be done on the site. The only attraction is the jobs listing. Only people looking for jobs or companies looking for programmer will be interested of stopping by. It would be better to hired couple of bloggers to post about current issue related to computers, programming and web design in Malaysia. This will make it a site for people searching for jobs and info related to IT/Multimedia in Malaysia. It gives people another good reason to visit the site.

P/S: IT/Multimedia job seekers will also be interested in knowing the free courses offered by Microsoft, HP, Xerox and other software companies.

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