Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Don’t understand SMS send by youngsters?

Mobile phone has become popular nowadays. Almost everybody have it. This is one of those things that you need to have in order to survive in big cities. Learning to use a mobile phone is a must. That’s the technology side that we can learn from the mobile phone maker. Mobile phone maker needs to teach customers how to use it. That’s part of their sales services. They even print out a manual for customers just in case people like to study it from a book. Nowadays mobile phone maker even included “Easy to use” as part of their mobile phone design. So we don’t have to worry about don’t know how to use a mobile phone, just let the mobile phone maker deal with it.

What I’m really concern is the new language created due to the birth of mobile phone. I’m talking about the language that is used to send out SMS through mobile phone. I’m telling you it’s not English, not even close. If you really want to communicate with youngsters, you need to learn up. Unfortunately, you can’t learn it from anywhere because nobody teaches and there are no reference books about it. Lucky for you here is one site that is able to translate those text messages into something that we can read – transL8it! The site also enables us to translate our text messages into something that youngsters can read. Check it out.

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