Saturday, May 24, 2008

Entering The World of Magic Online

Lately I downloaded an online game call World of Magic Online. I was bored and looking for some online games to spice up my Internet life. World of Magic Online happens to be one of the latest online game that is free to play and it seems interesting. After playing it for couple of days and it sure is a nice game to play. The size of the installation client is about 2G and it is better to download it through BitComet. That way you don't have to worry about broken file and the download process is faster.

World of Magic Online is just like any other MMORPG with a special feature of video chat. That means you can see your teammates of guild mates. The things that I like about the game is easy to play and tons of things to do. There are 4 types of characters that you can use which is summoner, warrior, mage and archer. The things that you can do in this game is basically leveling your character. Other features of fun are building your own house, complete quest, raising pet mount, making cloths and armor. As far as I know, you won't feel bored playing this game. There are more events available that you wish you have more time for it. If you're worried about having to press buttons frequently during battles, then there is a solution in this game. There is a robot feature that you can configure your character to auto pick, battle, repair, dig and harvesting. Makes you online gaming much more easier and relax. Check out the video below for a clear understanding how the game is.

P/S: You may notice that some people are advertising their sites in the game. You'll know it once you've login the game. That's one interesting part. This proves that this game is so popular that people are advertising in the game.


Q said...

Why are these games always about fighting? Bashing, battering, slaying, killing and getting points for the amount of mayhem you can create ..

kumowai said...

That's what most gamers like it. Beside, it's the best type of online game that can attract a lot of players. I think movies like "Lord of the Ring" and "Harry Potter" did contribute some attraction.