Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Prepaid phone card still the best

No matter how you calculate it, prepaid phone cards still have the cheapest rate compare to the offer given by the fix phone line. I still remember there is one time that I try the offer for the international call for a certain fix line company. It started out pretty good even if the rate is a bit higher. The problem with this kind of offer is that they have a time period. After the offered time, the rate will shoot up high. That’s the time that you started to scream “I should have remember to cancel it”

Finally I decided just to stick with the prepaid phone cards. It makes my life easier and less worried. I don’t need to keep an eye on it as the most that I’ll loss is the amount of money that I bought the card. I don’t have to make phone calls after seeing my phone bills. In fact I won’t be getting any phone bills by using the prepaid phone cards. Life is happier with less payment to make.

Another thing that I like about prepaid phone cards is that it is convenient to use. All I need is the card and I can carry it along in my wallet where ever I go. If I need to make an international call, I just need to fine a phone. I know that nowadays that a lot of cafĂ© are offering free wireless internet access and I’m able to use my notebook for emails, messenger and video calls. But seriously, it’s easier to just carry a card then a notebook. Besides, if you’re calling your parents, it is much better to do it the old fashion way.

Having a prepaid card as a present to your friend that plans to study aboard is just perfect. You can just give him/her the card and said “Remember to call me”. That’s better than getting flowers, cookies or teddy bear. It’s a way to tell them that you’ll be there to listen if you ever felt lonely out there.

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