Thursday, June 05, 2008

Download Free Ebooks

Part of saving the trees and forest is to reduce the usage of papers. It’s what we call saving the environment. It is one of the methods to slow down global warming. Green forest is the air conditioner for the world that we live in. Reducing the usage of trees, woods and papers is the best method to reduce cutting down the forest. That means reducing the production of books. One way of doing this is to digitalize the books. Saving and selling it in a form of ebook. As long as information can be kept and transferred then it should be fine. Country like Japan is transferring hardcopy books into softcopy where people can read it through laptops, palm or cellphone. Here are couples of sites that I found giving out free ebook. Check it out, you might just find some information that benefits.

Etext Center
Online Book Catalog

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