Sunday, June 08, 2008

Get in touch with your website visitors

Having a website to help promote business is not a new thing. Almost any business form small scale companies to big companies are able to make full use of the internet. In most cases email is the only method used for communication between customers and business providers. Business still can be done but sometimes emails might be confusing and misunderstanding. It will be much better to discuss business out loud directly to avoid misleading and mistakes. That is why most of the big business discussion is held directly face to face in a meeting room. Instead of using emails, calling customers directly might be a good idea. ProCallBack by Mercia Networks is a product that allows website visitors to leave their phone number and send it to you directly. The info will be send to you immediately using SMS text messages. You may then call back you customers for further discussion. It is a good feature as customers don’t have to spend any money on it. A lot of the website that we seen have a contact number for customers to call in. Most of the calls charges are bare by customers. That way some business opportunities might be lost because some customers don’t feel like paying for it just to ask couple of questions. Taking these expenses away from customers might just happen to increase your sales. This can be considered as a type of customer service that most people like.

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