Monday, June 16, 2008

Some Thought About Writing

I've been writing blogs for quite some time now. I can say that it's really a fun and interesting experience. Particular in the writing section. The only time that I ever write something is back in university. Back then writing an essay for my English 101 lesson is hard work. An essay will took me about 2 weeks to really squeeze it out from my brain. Now you can imagine how things are when I started to write again. Lucky for me there aren't any rules on how you can write your article. Even so, it took me about 5 days to actually write something out. It's not that I can't write it out, just that I need to check and recheck several times so that I feels it's alright to release it on my blog. I think that's what we call confidence. That's what I went through in the initial stage of my blogging. Now I'm able to write at most 3 articles per day without catching my breath. Things get easy after a lot of practices.
In the beginning, moving a solid rock is extremely difficult. After getting the rock to start rolling, the next steps is to try controlling it. That means I need to fine tune the way I write, the content quality and the topic that I should be focusing. Pretty much getting the rock rolling the way I want and the direction I want. The question right now is where is the right direction and which is the right method. My final destination is simple. That is to earn sufficient money online so that I can have a better life. That is the goal but the process of working towards it is the most enjoyable part. There is nothing better then doing what you enjoy and reaching your goals.

2 comments: said...

i find writing blog is interesting. you hv done well in your blog. who knows you might be one of our MP in our next election ?

kumowai said...

Don't want to be MP. That job is much more pressure and difficult then we can imagine.