Saturday, February 23, 2008

How caffeine affects me

Did you guys ever felt sleepy after having your meal? Well, I do. I always felt sleepy right after breakfast, lunch and dinner. The worst time for me is after lunch time. I can hardly keep my eyes open for the next 30 minutes after lunch. My solution for this is to have a nice cup of coffee right after the meals. For the lunch time section, I just got to have a strong cup of coffee. I have to admit that I need that caffeine to keep me awake so that I can keep on working. It actually keeps my brain running fresh and ideas running. I did experience a hard time when I ran out of coffee. I end up doing nothing that whole afternoon. All I can do is walking around the office to keep me awake. It took me at least an hour to actually get over it.

I found a picture that describes how caffeine affects me perfectly. Have a look.


Anonymous said...

Lol thats funny, I feel like that somedays.

Sorry if this is a duplicate, I dont know if the last comment went through.

Coffee? -

kumowai said...

Sounds like you need a cup of coffee. said...

Caffeine is my love & hate affair. A little will be superb n too much will kill me.

kumowai said...

Most of the delicious food are bad for your health. Food that are good for your health is always difficult to swallow.