Friday, February 01, 2008

Register your own domain

If you’re serious about blogging then you should considered getting your own domain. You can get a domain name less then $20 per year at many sites. Domain registration is easy. Getting a good domain name might be a bit difficult. Most of the good domain names already been registered. You may need to spend some time to search a suitable domain name. Having a good domain name is crucial. A good domain name can attract a lot of traffic and rank high in search engine. It should also be easy for people to remember and related to your blog content. Choosing a good domain name is just the same as choosing a brand name for a product. It’s also the same as getting a business name for a new company. Bottom line, choosing a domain name should not be taken lightly. Treat it like you’re naming your new born child and you won’t regret it later. A good domain name will give you a good start and gain traffic fast once you work on it.

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