Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Over 17000 free eBooks for download

As technology becomes more advance, many books are now been digitalize. In stead of reading through a traditional paper book, we now have digital book. That is sure one good way to save papers. In fact this may help to reduce the usage of paper, thus reducing the cutting down of trees. Check out the picture beside for a glance of the book of future. At this moment many books are currently being digitalized. It’s easier to store and save a lot of space. In future, library will not be that big as not much space is required to store books. Many of you might not using the digital book as show above but it is not much difference from reading an ebook online. It just happened that you have a bulky computer compare to the slim palm type reader. Once you’re able to go online, there are many info and books that you can read from your monitor. If you search carefully and deeper, I’m sure there are lots of ebook that you can find for free. Here’s a site where lots of free ebooks are available. Ebook Giant has over 17000 free ebooks for you to download. Check it out.


enablingbiz said...

yup i completely agree with u that in future there wud b no need of big libraries. instead there is going to be online liberaries.

kumowai said...

Everything going to be digital.